Center for Innovation and Free Enterprise Launches Patent Education Fact of the Week Campaign

The Center for Innovation and Free Enterprise (CIFE) is excited to announce our upcoming 2018 Patents Campaign. In the coming months, we will present informative data and statistics as it relates to America’s patent system. It is our hope in presenting brief and insightful facts to educate policymakers in both the executive and legislative branches of the federal government on the importance of patents to the United States economy.

“A vital element, which elevates America as an idea factory, is our long-standing patent system,” said Dee Stewart, CIFE President. He continued on to say, “in recent years America’s patent system has faced significant challenges leading to a hostile environment for American investors.”

Throughout this campaign, we aim to identify the issues with the current patent system as well as highlight what having a stronger patent system would mean for the future of our country. We want to educate America’s leaders on this issue as an opportunity to restore the American innovation economy.