It’s World Intellectual Property Day

As we celebrate World Intellectual Property Day in 2023, the Center for Innovation and Free Enterprise recognizes the critical role that women play in driving innovation and creativity across all industries. This year’s theme, “Women and IP: Accelerating innovation and creativity,” highlights the importance of ensuring that women have equal opportunities to participate in the innovation process and that their contributions are recognized and protected.

Intellectual property (IP) is a crucial component of innovation and creativity. It incentivizes creators and innovators to invest time, resources, and effort in developing new ideas, products, and services by granting them exclusive rights to control and commercialize their creations. However, women are often underrepresented in the IP landscape, facing numerous barriers such as gender bias, lack of access to funding and resources, and limited representation in leadership positions.

The Center for Innovation and Free Enterprise believes that empowering women in the innovation ecosystem is crucial for driving economic growth, creating jobs, and improving the quality of life for all people. In 2019 alone, the IP-intensive industries accounted for 63 million jobs, or 44% of all U.S. employment. We believe that a diverse and inclusive innovation ecosystem is essential for fostering creativity and generating groundbreaking ideas that can address society’s most pressing challenges.

We encourage policymakers, businesses, and individuals to take action to promote gender diversity in the innovation ecosystem. This includes measures such as providing equal access to funding and resources, creating mentorship and networking opportunities for women, and promoting inclusive hiring practices.

In conclusion, the Center for Innovation and Free Enterprise is committed to advancing gender diversity in the innovation ecosystem and ensuring that women’s contributions to innovation and creativity are recognized and protected. On this World Intellectual Property Day, we call on all stakeholders to join us in accelerating innovation and creativity by empowering women in the IP landscape.