2017 IP Index

In an increasingly globalized world, few policy areas are as relevant as intellectual property. As nations continue to navigate this changing world, it is imperative we focus on how essential IP laws, rights, and protections are to every nation, especially the United States. The Global Intellectual Property Center recently released their 2017 IP index, “The Roots of Innovation.” This is their fifth annual index evaluating countries on their overall IP effectiveness. Despite being ranked first out of 45 nations, the U.S. still struggles with inconsistent enforcement against counterfeit and pirated goods, especially in relation to goods that are sold online. This shows that even the United States has areas for improvement in terms of IP.

Economic success from increasing IP standards depends on the availability of resources, research and development, and access to technologies. The index outlines the impact IP standards, or a lack thereof, can have on a nation’s economy. As we move forward, we must remain focused on improving IP in the United States so we can further improve our economy.


To learn more http://www.theglobalipcenter.com/ipindex2017/